Elenya Von Hagenah and Tom Abdow have united to form BERKSHIRE CANDLELIGHT CONCERTS as a contemporary and classical music & theatrical production company bringing you the very best in live performances at unique venues throughout the United States.

Mr. Abdow notes that the official name of the company is “Elenya Von Hagenah and Tom Abdow present BERKSHIRE CANDLELIGHT CONCERTS”.

Ms. Von Hagenah says that “BERKSHIRE CANDLELIGHT CONCERTS is becoming from its start, an inspired presenter of the highest quality musical & theatrical performances that at first entertain, then hopefully create a sense of expectation and wonder in the hearts and minds of audience members, while inspiring others to study and perform both musically and theatrically.”

“We are looking for other highly gifted and professional musicians and performers to add to our roster of artists, as well as unique and intimate venues for those artists to perform in,” Elenya Hagenah said.

“…and those who we believe will have wide appeal to their respective audiences will be given first consideration,” Tom Abdow said, “so any groups or artists who believe they have the potential draw and professionalism to fill a concert hall, unique performance venue, coffeehouse or festival stage experience are encouraged to contact me directly as Artists & Repertoire / Venue Management Representative for BERKSHIRE CANDLELIGHT CONCERTS,” Tom Abdow added.

Classical musicians and groups as well as Contemporary Trends Singer-Songwriters, Composers and talented, established Bands are encouraged to apply to BERKSHIRE CANDLELIGHT CONCERTS for A & R consideration.

BERKSHIRE CANDLELIGHT CONCERTS as established by its founders Singer Songwriter & Contemporary Composer Elenya Von Hagenah and American Songwriter Tom Abdow is in some respects inspired and the progeny of the earlier musical and theatrical production companies, namely Stockbridge Chamber Concerts, Inc. and Northern Sun Concerts. The earlier Stockbridge Chamber Concerts was the brainchild of Elizabeth Artman Hagenah and Henry Von Hagenah, the parents of current BERKSHIRE CANDLELIGHT CONCERTS co-founder and Artistic Director Elenya Von Hagenah, while Northern Sun Concerts was the musical production company of Singer Songwriter Tom Abdow, who now is also a co-founder and the Artists & Repertoire / Venue Management Representative for BERKSHIRE CANDLELIGHT CONCERTS.

For more information, please contact us at: or call BERKSHIRE CANDLELIGHT CONCERTS at 617-614-7234.